Artist Bio

An independent international musical and visual project. Songs created by poet and performer from South Africa-JazLeeuw. Music produced by an international team of composers. Modern sounds, cross continental vibe using a wide range of genres and cultures.

Jaz Leeuw

Jaz Leeuw - musical and lyrical talent from South Africa. Her past the creative path all started from being a jazz vocalist, progressing onto the live world stage. Collaborations include musicians and producers from US, Europe, Africa and others. This proves that creativity and the love of art has no boundaries.


Neo Soul, Deep and Afro House, Trip hop, Future Beats, Garage, Rap, references to African ethnics and other original genres. Organic mix of s​oulful lyrics ​and electronic music e​clecticism


Performance set: 4​0 min - 1 hour +
Dance​ (​ 110-130 BPM) and intelligent​ ​alternative ​tracks.
Show production and vocal performances include only authorized music and songs written by Jaz Leeuw, in collaboration with D​ J​ , multi instrumentalists or ​live​ band.
Fresh and interesting sound​, suitable for a Festivals, Night parties, Fashion shows events arenas